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Pursuit of Leadership

Pursuing leadership through hard work and customer satisfactionEinstein proves E = m x c2 We prove E = m x cs Earnings = merit x customersatisfaction

Welcom to Lider

Turkey’s leading merchant of coated and uncoated fine papers.
To serve you better and faster, we are glad to launch our new corporate website.Lider will sustain its pioneer role in the Turkish paper industry.

Environmental Awareness

To contribute to the efforts of saving world’s environmental resources, we support the use of certified paper and paperboard products.


Our various sheeting machines enable us to meet our customers’ needs for specific sizes of paper and paperboard products.

Product Types

Our company mainly coated papers, uncoated papers, book paper, coated cardboard, chromo cardboard, gray cardboard, serving in other paper and paperboard products, including photocopy paper.


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