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Innovating our business in the light of customers feedback and global trends

About Us

     Lider Business

      Lider is one of Turkey´s leading merchants of paper and paperboard products. We provide premium paper products for Printing & Publishing Houses, Packaging Industry, Press, Retail Outlets, Local Traders and Public and Private Institutions. Our sales network fulfills the needs of our 5.800 valued customers. The Group has 117 skilled employees in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. We are proud to announce that our firm is currently the leader of Turkish market in Coated and Uncoated Papers.

     Lider History

       In 1998, Birleşik, İremsan, Kadıoğlu and Sakabey Companies which were strong and well known firms in Turkish Paper and Board Market have decided to combine their activities for a stronger and more competitive business. The 50 years experience of these four companies in the sector has increased the value of Lider from very beginning by creating a larger product range, by expanding customer portfolio and by allowing to more flexible warehousing options.

     Lider Mission

       We are committed to supplying our customers with the finest and high-quality paper products. Our main target is to maintain our profitable and stable growth rate through superior customer service, quality and commitment. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions are molded by a set of core values that is shared by each and every associate.

     Lider Principles

      > Always working with integrity and showing respect to every single individual
      > Hiring most talented individuals who could add values to our organization
      > Fulfilling the needs of our customers in a timely manner and providing them the best service in the sector.
      > Maintaining our pioneer role in the Turkish paper trade market by applying innovative approaches to our business
      > Assuming a responsible and conscious behavior towards the environment

     Lider Facilities

      Total of 21.700 m2 warehouses with 16.200 m2 Istanbul, 4.000 m2 Ankara and 1.500 m2 Izmir with equipments:
      > GVA 4 Reels Sheeting Machine
      > GVA 1 Reel Sheeting Machine
      > 2 SHM 4 Reels Sheeting Machine
      > SHM 1 Reel Sheeting Machine
      > Jagenberg 1 Reel Sheeting Machine
      > Aydin 1 Reel Sheeting Machine
      > Overall Sheeting Capacity: 224.064.000 m2/year Sales offices in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir
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