Duplex Boards - Kartonsan


      Ekoprint, which is an economical type of carton paper, is a product with mat coated and a grey back side. The main fields of use for this product are box applications not requiring very good printing or finishing.


      This product, which displays high performance in packaging, can ensure a brighter imprint and a good level of finishing with less ink. Normprint products, which have a grey back side, are many layered coated carton papers, the upper surface of which has been coated as a final layer.


      Exprint shows high performance in all kinds of packaging and detailed graphics jobs with multi layered coated carton paper. The back side of such products, which ensures a lighter imprint and good finishing with less ink being grey, the upper layer has been coated as a final coating.


      This is a multi layered coated carton preferred for special day cards, detailed graphical imprint for advertisement purposes and for all kind of packaging, has a white back side, and the upper surface has been coated with blade coating as a final layer. This product ensures a brighter imprint and better finishing with less ink.
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